Conférence de Laura Cahier, doctorante, chercheuse invitée à l'Université de Georgetown


Conférence scientifique sur le thème "Indigenous Peoples and the Inter-American System of Human Rights: Securing Pathways to Justice?"

qui se tiendra le 16 avril 2019 (5pm-7pm) à GeorgeTown University

Through a conversation among speakers coming from Indigenous organizations and the Inter-American human rights institutions, this conference aims to identify current legal and political challenges to the implementation of Indigenous people’s rights in the Americas. In particular, we will explore advocacy strategies and diverse forms of resilience that Indigenous peoples have developed within the Inter-American System of Human Rights. 

Le panel se compose ainsi : 

Mrs. Juanita Cabrera Lopez (Executive Director at the International Mayan League) 

Mr. Leonardo Crippa (Senior Attorney at the Indian Law Resource Center)

Mr. Ralph J. Bunche (General Secretary of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization UNPO)

Mrs. Rosa Celorio (Associate Dean for International and Comparative Legal Studies at George Washington University Law School and Former Senior Attorney at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights)

Mr. José Vicente Otero Chate (Indigenous activist from Cauca, Colombia and journalist - through video)

Il sera animé par Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer (Research professor in the School of Foreign Service, affiliate with Department of Anthropology, co-convener of the Indigenous Studies Working Group, and a Berkley Center faculty fellow).

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