Research Activities


Within UMR 7318 (a research unit focused on International, comparative and European Law), the CERIC team features internationalist and Europeanist legal experts. There are 20 researchers and teacher-researchers as well as a fully committed administrative team.


The CERIC pursues a dynamic and ambitious research policy. In addition to their individual research projects, members of the CERIC are involved in multi-annual research programmes involving outside experts. Eager to promote the work of its members and more generally to promote the research conducted on its themes, the CERIC runs four book collections: Bruylant (De Boeck, Bruxelles), Pedone (Paris) and Presses Universitaires d’Aix-Marseille (PUAM).


The Centre is also home to a specialised journal published by the French Association for the United Nations, Aix-en-Provence (L’Observateur des Nations Unies).


The CERIC organises around 15 seminar and study days every year. Our team has also developed several partnerships, within the ECCOREV research foundation and within several institutes created by Aix-Marseille University: the Institute for Mediterranean Environmental Transition (ITEM), the Institute of Mediterranean Societies in Transition (SOMuM) and the Ocean and Related Human and Digital Sciences Institute (Ocean Science Institute).


The CERIC is behind the creation of an international research network on “Environmental Law and Justice” and it contributes actively to the work of the NoST research network (“Norms, science and techniques”) and of the European university network on the Law of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.


The CERIC interacts with the socioeconomic world through its “Legal clinics” (Environment legal clinic since 2010, International human rights legal clinic since 2015). These clinics offer specialised legal training based on a methodology that combines a theoretical and a practical approach on the basis of real cases, which enables its members to apply their legal knowledge under the supervision of teachers and legal practitioners.


Lastly, the CERIC has initiated collaborations at the European and international level, through researcher mobility, association with research programmes and the co-direction of theses.


Recent or forthcoming publications

Collection Confluence des Droits
● A. GESLIN, E. TOURME JOUANNET (dir.), Le droit international de la reconnaissance, un instrument de décolonisation et de refondation du droit international ? 2019
● R. LE BOEUF ET O. LE BOT (dir.), L’inapplication du droit, 2020
● M. HAUTEREAU-BOUTONNET, E.TRUILHÉ (dir.), Actions en justice et environnement : approche de droit comparé, 2020
● P. MEDHI (dir.), L'agenciarisation de la politique européenne d'immigration et d'asile, 2020

Other Publications
● C. BLUMANN, L. DUBOUIS, Droit institutionnel de l'Union européenne, Lexis Nexis, 2019
● M. LAMOUREUX, Droit de la distribution, LGDJ, 2019
● P. LANFRANCHI, N. H. NGUYEN (dir.), Facilitation des échanges: expérience européenne et leçons pour le Vietnam, PUAM, 2019
● R. LE BOEUF, Le traité de paix. Contribution à l'étude juridique du règlement convention


Recent or upcoming events 

● 19th ESIL/SEDI Conference, 31 August to 2 September 2023: "Is international law fair?"
● Symposium, 19-20 November 2020, "Conflits d'usage en mer et droit de l'Union européenne"
● Symposium, 28-29 November 2019: "Droit, révolutions et transitions. 1959-2019: Cuba,soixante ans de Révolution face à la mondialisation"
● Symposium, 21 October 2019: "Le procès environnemental: du procès sur l'environnement au procès pour l'environnement (en partenariat avec la Cour de Cassation)"
● Closing Symposium of the Jean Monnet European Network on SoLaR (Soft Law Network), 17-18 October 2019
● 4th Summer School on the practice of international human rights law, 17-28 June 2019
● Symposium organised by the French Association for the United Nations – Aix-en-Provence section, 28 February 2019: "Les enjeux de la qualification des mouvements contestataires"
● Symposium on the 70th anniversary of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the crime of genocide (in partnership with the Camps des Milles Foundation), 3-4 December 2018