The Centre for International and European Studies and Research/CERIC



is a team dedicated to multidisciplinary research, comprising of around fifty members, who mainly represent law, economy and political science. Founded in 1973, today it forms part of unité mixte de recherche 7318 DICE  “International,  Comparative and European Law” (CNRS - Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)- Faculté de Droit et de Science Politique d’Aix-Marseille).



In the heart of Aix-en-Provence, the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille Université is one of the oldest and most renowned law faculties in France. Every year, it welcomes over ten thousand students, including many foreign students.






Within the faculty, the Centre for European and International Studies and Research (CERIC) carries out its teaching and research activities. The CERIC coordinates the first and second year of the Master’s programme specialised in international and European law. It contributes to the implementation of the curriculum of the Master 1 in “International and European law”, which can be undertaken abroad as part of the Erasmus+ programme. Thanks to several partnerships with universities abroad, students from many European countries attend this Master 1.







The CERIC coordinates the courses taught as part of the second year of the Master’s degree. At the start of academic year 2019-2020, there were five Master 2 specialisations ran by the CERIC :

Master 2 in Public international law
Master 2 in EU law
Master 2 in International and European Environmental Law
Master 2 in Energy Law and Management
● Master 2 in Humanitarian Action and Law


The CERIC also runs a postgraduate diploma (DESU) in Advanced European and International Law (currently being redesigned), which can be
undertaken as part of one’s initial or continuing training (not opened for the moment)

Each year, the CERIC welcomes 85 to 90 Master 2 and DESU students and around 150 Master 1 students.


Research activities

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Eve TRUILHÉ, CNRS Research Director,
Director from 1rst september 2019

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