Transforming the Ocean Law by Requirement of the Marine Environment Conservation


  • Chaumette Patrick
  • Abegon Novella Marta
  • Bereni Anaïs
  • Bonnin Marie
  • Boré-Eveno Valérie
  • Borg Simone
  • Díaz Galán Elena C
  • Drapier Sandrine
  • Farquhar Samantha D
  • Fotso Philippe
  • Garcia Caceres Danilo
  • Garcia- Carriazo Angeles Jimenez
  • Kempf Nicolas
  • Le Tixerant Matthieu
  • Messiga Kokougan
  • Neri Kiara
  • A. Oanta Gabriela
  • Olorundami Tokunbo
  • Olorundami Fayokemi
  • Pantelodimou Eirini
  • Rafaly Vonintsoa
  • Ricard Pascale
  • Roellinger Alix
  • Ros Nathalie
  • Rosaeg Erik
  • J.Santos Maria
  • Schütte Béatrice
  • Ségura Serge
  • Seta Makoto
  • Sobrino Heredia José Manuel
  • de Sousa Fernandes Beatriz
  • Telesetsky Anastasia
  • Tephany Yann
  • Wyssbrod Valérie


  • Marine Areas
  • Ocean Law
  • Marine Biodiversity
  • Marine Environment Conservation
  • Seabed
  • Maritime Activities

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Transforming the ocean law by requirement of the marine environment conservation The protection of the marine environment is the objective of the law of the ocean, in its international, regional and national dimensions. It ensures the coherence of a complex law of marine areas and maritime activities. Conservation of marine biodiversity has become an emergency. The exploitation of the seabed, the development of new activities at sea must be conditioned by this same requirement. Human Sea – “It’s necessary to make the Sea more human. The development of human activities at sea - What legal framework?” The European research program, ERC Advanced Grant n° 340770 in 2013, directed by professor Patrick CHAUMETTE, University of Nantes, deals with technological developments and their consequences on maritime activities, on the Law of the Sea and Maritime Law.

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