L’emersione della giustizia climatica in Francia

  • Schmitt Sylvie
  • Louvin Roberto

  • Climate justice
  • Environmental law
  • Charter of Environnment
  • Erika case
  • Grande-Synthe case
  • The case of the century


Climate justice, a new kind of litigation almost unknown in France until five years ago, is now emerging in this country following the increase of high-profile cases, along with several resounding successes. The French climate justice is hereby examinated – especially analysing the results of the Grande-Synthe affair and of L’affaire du Siècle – through three different aspects: the lack of legislative law, the liveliness of law in action and the spread of more ecocentric legislation. The author emphasizes, above all, the progressive movement towards legal perspectives that are less anthropocentric than in the past. climate justice, Affaire du Siècle, Affaire de la Grande-Synthe, environmental law, Charter of Environment, Erika case