On The Legal Status of the Russian Extra-Parliamentary Opposition: Making a Good Case Before the European Court of Human Rights?


  • Gudzenko Maria


  • Russia
  • Court of Human Rights

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The article analyses the status of the Russian extra-parliamentary opposition as a subject of dispute between the latter and the Russian government before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). It discusses national strategies, through a concerted action of public authorities, of denying certain opposition groups, namely those lead by Alexey Navalnyy, a clear legal status that would enable them to stand for elections in a meaningful way. Special attention is devoted to the scrutiny of such practices by the ECtHR, before which the Russian extra-parliamentary opposition would routinely seek justice. The article shows that such a recourse to the international judiciary does not guarantee adequate redress due to government's strategy of partial execution in relation to uncomfortable judgments.

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