The politics of valuation and payment for regenerative medicine products in the UK


  • Faulkner Alex
  • Mahalatchimy Aurélie


  • Valuation
  • Payment scenarios
  • Regenerative Medicine

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The field of regenerative medicine (RM) faces many challenges, including funding. Framing the analysis in terms of institutional politics, valuation studies and 'technologies of knowledge', the paper highlights growing debates about payment for RM in the UK, setting this alongside escalating policy debates about 'value'. We draw on interviews and publicly available material to identify the interacting and conflicting positions of institutional stakeholders. It is concluded that while there is some common ground between institutional stakeholders such as industry and health system gatekeepers, there is significant conflict about reward systems, technology assessment methodologies and payment scenarios; a range of mostly conditional payment schemes and non-mainstream routes are being experimented with. We argue that current developments highlight a fundamental conflict between a concern for the societal value of medical technologies in a resource-limited system and a concern for engineering new reward and payment models to accommodate RM innovations.

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